13 August, 2012

In awe...

Sometimes you stumble across someone that just blows your mind.
I was searching Ravelry for hat patterns when I stumbled upon this ace hat. 

So, like always, I search the designers page for other patterns (see below).
And then I read the designers profile, this lass is just 14 years old - yes, that's right I said 14 years old and she is already a fab knitting designer!! 
How brilliant is Lily Kate!  
Click on the images to take you to her Ravelry page.
and yes, this post is completely unsponsored, I'm just in awe of her work!!
all images via Ravelry

1 comment:

  1. Yes, she is very talented. I like the hood hat, you wanna make me one? Ya know you do! Just kidding. I bet you could do paterns too!


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