13 December, 2012

About to toss it in the bin...

 This is me, hanging my head in despair.... all my work with so little time remaining & I go and do it wrong, I stuff it up so close to the finish line.

Why? What's wrong????  This is the vest that I'm knitting for my hubby for Xmas, I've completed the back, & thought I had finished the front but when I was setting it up to knit the neckline I realised that the two front halves (either side of the neck) ... are different lengths... Eeks!

So that means I have to undo it, reknit it, cast if off again & then start again on the neckline.
But time is running out, I can only knit this in bubs nap times and Xmas is so close....
AND.... my life is hectic & crap at the moment, you see, in just two days time, my bubba will turn two. Which means a birthday party, which means assembling presents, which means wrapping presents, which means baking, which means shopping, which means cleaning... oh the cleaning. I have to clean extra hard because I have my mother & her partner staying overnight which means I have to tidy, dust, vacuum & make up the bed in the spare room but also I just found out (yesterday) that my inlaws are going to be staying too...... Which means since they've never ever ever been here before, I have to spring clean every frigging thing, I have to weed, polish, putaway, scrub, tidy and... they will have to stay in our bed so that means I have to tidy up in there as well as change the bedding which means I have to sleep on the frigging camp bed......  Seriously though, who looks for hotel accom 2 days before they need it, in peak time (1 week for Xmas) & then is surprised at how expensive the accom is.
Did I also mention that my baby is turning two... my sweet lil baby...

So back to the above mentioned vest, like I said, I'm this close to throwing it in the bin & buying my hubby a book for Xmas.

So, how are you?  

Oh, btw, there is so much more as well such as 2 weeks of bad sleep, a mattress being delivered tomorrow, the oven ruining all my meringues, getting Xmas presents ready early to they can be delivered, a nasty client whilst out volunteering, fighting with my hubby, a bubba who hates the vacuum and of course, my bubba totally ignoring me & just saying Dadda all the time too.