13 December, 2012

About to toss it in the bin...

 This is me, hanging my head in despair.... all my work with so little time remaining & I go and do it wrong, I stuff it up so close to the finish line.

Why? What's wrong????  This is the vest that I'm knitting for my hubby for Xmas, I've completed the back, & thought I had finished the front but when I was setting it up to knit the neckline I realised that the two front halves (either side of the neck) ... are different lengths... Eeks!

So that means I have to undo it, reknit it, cast if off again & then start again on the neckline.
But time is running out, I can only knit this in bubs nap times and Xmas is so close....
AND.... my life is hectic & crap at the moment, you see, in just two days time, my bubba will turn two. Which means a birthday party, which means assembling presents, which means wrapping presents, which means baking, which means shopping, which means cleaning... oh the cleaning. I have to clean extra hard because I have my mother & her partner staying overnight which means I have to tidy, dust, vacuum & make up the bed in the spare room but also I just found out (yesterday) that my inlaws are going to be staying too...... Which means since they've never ever ever been here before, I have to spring clean every frigging thing, I have to weed, polish, putaway, scrub, tidy and... they will have to stay in our bed so that means I have to tidy up in there as well as change the bedding which means I have to sleep on the frigging camp bed......  Seriously though, who looks for hotel accom 2 days before they need it, in peak time (1 week for Xmas) & then is surprised at how expensive the accom is.
Did I also mention that my baby is turning two... my sweet lil baby...

So back to the above mentioned vest, like I said, I'm this close to throwing it in the bin & buying my hubby a book for Xmas.

So, how are you?  

Oh, btw, there is so much more as well such as 2 weeks of bad sleep, a mattress being delivered tomorrow, the oven ruining all my meringues, getting Xmas presents ready early to they can be delivered, a nasty client whilst out volunteering, fighting with my hubby, a bubba who hates the vacuum and of course, my bubba totally ignoring me & just saying Dadda all the time too.


  1. Right, first of all BREATHE.

    Put the vest to one side, buy him something else. On Christmas Day tell him what happened and say it'll be his birthday present. He won't mind and will just be touched that you did somethign so thoughtful. it's not worth battling with it when you have everything else to worry about.

    I know what you mean about the cleaning - I like the house to be clean when people visit, but are they the kind that will notice? If yes... call a cleaning company, take Bubba out for a few hours so they can vacuum (maybe finish your christmas shopping?). Job done.

  2. Sit down, take a deep breath (and maybe a glass of wine.) Nothing you do will meet everyone else's total approval. Clean until you think it is clean, then leave it. Make some time to enjoy your visitors and your family.

  3. lorsque l' on se trompe il faut faire une pause et le reprendre tranquillement tu verras tu vas y arriver bon courage bisous

  4. Sometimes visitors have to realize that you have a almost 2 year old. When they are there leave bubba with them and go to the store for an hour. When you get back they may understand! Sorry so hectic! Happy Birthday Lil Man!


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