20 December, 2012

...by the hair on my chinny chin chin...

Phew, my shoulders are aching, my teeth have been clenched tight in frustration and my temper has flared... but that is over now. I've met my deadline of today to finish my hubby's vest for Xmas.
Like I said, phew!
I'll post proper pics of the vest after Xmas with the full details but I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone by posting them now!

How have your Xmas preparations been going?
I've been knitting knitting knitting, I've also been baking, wrapping, making mustard, making fancy chocolates (which the hot weather spoiled so now they are no longer good for gifts but only for my tummy!), wrapping, knitting knitting, knitting etc.
I've been going to the post office lots to post parcels of presents... and am still eagerly checking my post box for my christmas ornament via a swap but I'm still waiting (I never have any luck with these swaps, I'm still awaiting my pincushion from a previous swap a couple of years ago!!). I've made countless trips to the supermarket too, luckily it's just across the road cos I'm always forgetting something or bubba decides to pull a tanty in the store & I just want to run home and cry!!

Today I have bubba decorating sheets of butchers paper to make wrapping paper, we are going to put the Xmas tree & decorations up this coming weekend and then I just need to do some quick shopping to finish off buying small things for my hubbys santa stocking.
Oh... and my bubba is now two. Two... phew, I can't believe I've been a mum for two years now!

So, this will probably be my last post before Xmas, I want to spend the last few remaining days relaxing & enjoying myself, so I shall say Merry Christmas to you & your family, I hope you eat lots, give lots & be safe on the roads.
Hugs, Rie.


  1. Merry Christmas Rie! I am so glad that you finished the vest for your husband just in time. I think it looks amazing...lovely wool with that little white fleck in it.

  2. merry Christmas! Well done on getting the vest finished

  3. Merry Christmas! The vest looks really nice! Great work again!

  4. Merry Christmas! The vest looks great!


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