11 December, 2012


I love mustard, do you?  I made some the other day .... it goes from lots of loose dry seeds that you soak overnight...

then you blend them & add some other stuff, mix up & pop into jars... too easy!
Oh, and this lil sorry face.... well I did tell him over & over again that he wouldn't like the flavour, that it wasn't chocolate cake mix.... but he wouldn't believe me... so he found out the hard way!!


  1. I'd probs make the same face. I've never liked mustard, even though both my parents are big fans. I think they were a little disappointed. hehe

    I think it's fantastic that you make your own! I want to start making more things myself, but I'm not sure where to start. Hmm... something to ponder.

  2. I think I need a recipe! My poor lil man, been there and done that, best learning experience! Box in the mail tomorrow coming your way!


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