05 December, 2012

at night...

Each night I've been sitting on the couch crocheting these washcloths ...  
I can make one per night ...  now to stitch them up! They are a part of some Xmas gifts that I'm planning.  
Can anyone recommend a good Goats Milk soap that I can purchase to pop with them?

Pattern on Rav here...


  1. SO many ends, LOL!! I have used these products and love them: http://www.wonderfallfarm.com/goat-milk-products.html

  2. I love seeing this beautiful stack of yarny goodness. I've used Canus' goat milk's soap but I would try to find some local soapmakers and support them!

  3. This is an awesome present idea! Pity I can't crochet as neat and fast as you haha. I'll have to keep this in mind for next year.


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