09 April, 2014

and for my next trick...

I have knitting & crochet projects spread throughout my house, this latest project (a scarf) is currently residing next to my laptop for the 'slow-go' internet that I have! .... I'm actually getting a lot done due to very slow & often very dodgy internet!
I actually undid a cowl that I was making in this Noro yarn and decided to crochet a very long scarf - the above is the second attempt, below is the first attempt!
I undid this attempt as the short rows was doing justice to the Noro colours and am now happily crocheting along a very long row of 300 stitches!
I also decided to make baby Laney a crochet dress, using no pattern. First attempts (below) will have to be undone as they don't fit over her head!
I'm also thinking of starting another KAL - this will be for a baby cardigan .... but maybe I should clear the couch of my current projects first - what do you think, how many 'on the go' projects is too many??

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