16 April, 2014

An easter treat for you!

With Easter almost hopping onto our doorstep, I thought I'd show you a super-quick Easter project!
Bubba Joe, who is 3 years old, made this fun wonky string basket & filled it with choccie eggs and took it with him to daycare this morning for Neen, his daycare worker. So, please ignore the slightly yellow photos as the sun had just risen this morning as I took this photos (I hadn't even had my first morning cuppa!)

Basically, all you need to do (the day before) is blow up a balloon, cut up pieces of pretty string (or white yarn or string if you want to paint it afterwards), dip them into pva glue and then layer onto the balloon bottom. Hang it up to dry (I hang this on the clothes airer in front of the heater overnight).
The next morning, pop the balloon & peel it away from the bowl. Trim the edges to tidy it & fill it with goodies!
Super easy!  There is also another version of a string bowl with tutorial here..

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