21 April, 2014

Free Pattern: The Candelion Scarf (Crochet)

This is a lovely long scarf that can hang loose down to your knees or around your neck loosely like a big cowl. 
Initially you may be daunted by the long rows but trust me, it's all worth it!  The yarn that is used is the Noro yarn and it works best in long rows to get the full effect of the colour changes.
The row is worked on two sides, either side of the initial chain row (you chain to start then work the crochet for one ball & then on the other side of the chain, you work the other crochet to complete the scarf) - this makes the scarf fully reversible with no 'back' to it - I find it totally annoying when scarves have an obvious front & back!

You don't have to make the scarf the long 300 stitches long, it works just as well on 200 or 250 stitches. To find out what suits you best, check the length when you chain the first 200 by popping it over you head, if it's not long enough, chain more etc!

Why the name Candelion? It's how my 3yo son, Joseph says "Dandelion", just as I was finishing the scarf he walked into the lounge room & handed his baby sister a "Candylion" -- totally sweet, so I wanted to capture that memory for good!


Yarn: 2 balls of Noro Taiyo (approx. 400m/440yd in total) which is an Aran/10ply yarn. 
Hook: 5.5mm    Choose your yarn & then choose your hook - I first chose a 3.75mm hook for the Noro yarn but after a few rows it was working up too tight & there was 'no movement' to the crocheted item, so I jumped up a couple of sizes and liked the 5.5mm!
Other Notions: You will also need some scissors for cutting the yarn ends & a darning needle to weave in the ends.

SC = single crochet      DC = double crochet or treble
To crochet:
~ Loosely chain 302 stitches (for a length of 300, the additional 2 stitches are for the start of the first row).
~ Starting from the 2nd stitch from the hook, SC across the row. Turn.
~ Chain 1, then DC across the row. Turn.
~ alternate between the SC & DC rows for approx. 6 rows, finishing with a SC row. This should be one ball of wool.
~ Now for the second ball of wool. Turn the scarf around & along the original chain edge (where you chained 302 stitches then SC down one side of), you will now SC along this row with your second ball of wool. Turn.
~ Chain 1, then DC across the row. Turn.
~ alternate between the SC & DC rows for approx. 6 rows, finishing with a SC row. This should be almost all of the second ball of wool. There should be some yarn left over, (more than left over with the first ball) as you didn't need to 'chain' the original starting row with this ball.
~ Fasten off & weave in ends.
Remember if you make it to tag the photos #CandelionScarf or #CraftingwithCraftyRie so we can all see your creations & ooh & ahh over them, especially if you use Instagram!  I'm @CraftyRie on IG, come & say hi & see what else I'm up too!

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