02 April, 2014

Some things that I've been doing

It's April, when did that happen? How did that happen? I struggle to know what day it is, let alone the month! Yesterday we were in our shorts & tshirts and at the beach, today I've got my cardigan on & raincoat at hand! 
So, what have I been doing? What have you been doing?
I've been making some envelopes,
using an envelope template (a bit like this one or this one) from an old magazine for my penpals, I'm just trying to grab a few quiet moments now to actually write the letters to go into them!   Also, I'm thinking of doing a Crafty PenPal search & placement callout, does this sound of interest to you?
I've also finished a dress for Laney and blocked it on my ironing board! When it's dry, I'll get some piccies of it to show you, I hope my 'model' will co-operate so I can get some cute photos!
I've also pulled another ball of wool out of my stash to start another dress for Laney but it's in a skein and I can't find my swift (skein holder) or my ball winder.... I'm going to have to search through the cupboards to find them before I can make a start on the dress!

Also, do you use Instagram?  What is your username? I'm CraftyRie on IG.... did you enter my giveaway to have some of your IG photo's printed onto magnets? You'd better hurry up & enter, the giveaway closes soon!

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