11 January, 2011

Gifted Goodness

I know that for most of you that Xmas has come and gone and probably long forgotten. But for me, with a newborn in the house, the Xmas tree is still up as are the Xmas cards!

So, just to spread the Xmas cheer out to you all to extend the season even further, here are a few pics of handmade presents gifted to us.

Firstly the bear & beanie for baby Joe from my mother-in-law...

A very cute coat hanger and Xmas teapot cosy for me from my mum...

A knitted blanket for baby Joe from my mum...

A crocheted granny blanket for baby Joe from Joe's great grandmother in law...

A grab and go coat (pvc one side and fleecy the other) for baby Joe from a friend...

What handmade gifted goodies did you receive for Xmas??


  1. My only handmade gift was a knitted hat from my sister, but OH, do I love it! And one son received a hat from her and the other a vest. She was a busy gal this year!

  2. such lovely gifts! would you happen to know what kind of stitch is used in the baby blanket? i am still figuring this crochet stuff all out :)


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