07 January, 2011


I have just realised that my 3 week old boy just doesn't want to feed then sleep.
When he is awake he wants me. Me!
He doesn't want me on the computer or reading a book, he wants me all to himself.
He wants to be perched over my shoulder so he can watch the world, he wants to be cradled in my arms so he can watch my face or he wants to be on my lap whilst I rub his back.

So, I won't try to do two things at once.
When I have my son in my arms he will have my full attention.
When I'm feeding him, he will have my full attention.

When I'm burping him, he will have my full attention.
My full attention - not half on him half on the internet or tv or book or cuppa tea.

So I won't be paying much attention to my blog as I want to or my emails or rereading my fav books, I will be adoring my baby boy instead!  So that means you won't get to see some photos of him as soon as I had liked, but here is a teaser......

BTW I just adore it when I start to breastfeed him, he sees the nipple coming towards him and he cracks the biggest smile!  


  1. Oh I don't blame you, my 2 are almost 4 and almost 2yo and I just don't know where time has gone.
    Enjoy this stage while it lasts, it's not better than the rest but it's the most precious.

  2. Congratulations Rie!!! I'm so sorry I missed your announcement so so happy to see these gorgeous little fingers now :) Motherhood is rather all-consuming for the first couple of years. Enjoy this beautiful time :) Kx

  3. That's lovely. My two are 14 and 12, but I remember so well the time when they were newborn and needed me all the time. It's a hard slog, but somehow it also goes real fast. Enjoy! xxooo

  4. Good for you. He was cuddled all the time for 9 months, so being "outside" is something new.

    I am so glad you can breastfeed, and that you are enjoying your son. I wish I had had that thought when I had my first child. Took me a while to realize I needed to enjoy her, at that moment in time, and not want her to hurry up and do stuff. I'm so glad for you! God bless you, dearie!


  5. This is such a magical time - enjoy every moment. Mine are 16, 9 and 6 now and those days are long gone, but I still remember those early days :)

  6. Ah, now I see why we have no photos. I understand. And good for you - give him your full attention as long as you can!


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