12 January, 2011

Me & my Joe ....

So I have a Joe in my life now! 

The sweetest, cutest, most adorable boy in the history of babies
(sorry, no offense intended if you have kids!!).

Did you want the full story? No, Yes??  Ok, grab a cuppa - it's a long story!

Well. Mr and I had been together for over 14 years and not once did we entertain the thought of having kids.
The year 2010 started the usual way - with still now thoughts of kids, we were happy just being the two of us.
But then something happened. We don't know what, but suddenly we thought... "why not".
And then on the 5th April, I complained for the like the 100th time that my period was 5 days late and it wasn't fair that I had period pain but no period etc etc... I think I complained so much that Mr started to put two and two together, he Googled my 'complaints' and the next thing I know he's telling me that he thinks I might be pregnant. 

No, not me, if I was pregnant surely I would know it. We had a pregnancy test in the cupboard (from a panic about 6months prior) but I wasn't going to use it, not yet. I wanted to watch Bear Grylls - Man vs Wild on the tv and I'll be damned if a pregnancy scare was going to let me miss it.  So I watched the tv, didn't pay any attention to it, my mind was constantly wandering back to the pregnancy test. DAMN, I'd better go do the test. Then uh-oh.
It was positive......

I made an appointment the next day to see the doctor and went about my work day as normal. BUT... I walked into my boss' office (like a I normally do a 50 times a day), she looks at me, asks if I am feeling ok then states that I am pregnant.  Huh. I sit down, stunned, in her office - how did she know?  Freaky.
Anyway, by 6pm, I've walked out of the doctors office, kissed Mr on the lips and said congratulations, you're going to be a father. We walked the 30 minutes home, stating all the way... S#@t, F@#k etc etc. Stunned we were, stunned.

Apparently time flies because the next thing I know, I'm sitting in the Obstetrician's office and she is saying that she is going to book me into the hospital to be induced on the Friday then it was changed to Sunday then it was changed to Wednesday.
But then on Tuesday the contractions started at 6am being 10 minutes apart until 6pm, at 9pm we are driving to the hospital (breaking no traffic laws on the way), arriving at the hospital at 9.30pm, I'm in full labour by 11pm and after a lot of moaning & groaning (but proudly no cursing or biting), my sweet little boy pops out at 3.30am and says hello to the world. 
Next thing I know, I have a baby laying on my chest who is adoringly looking up at me as I lay there stunned and can only think "this baby has knuckles".
How could this sweet little boy belong to me? I promptly name him Joseph Lewis - Joseph is his Dad's middle name and Lewis is an anagram from my surname.  I must of been still affected by the Pethadine at this point as we had planned on Joe being bubs middle name, but as soon as I saw him I knew Joe was his supposed to be his first name, but still, perhaps I should have consulted Mr first before making that decision!!

We spend 3 nights in the hospital, getting to grips with a baby - how to feed, how to bathe him and how to change a nappy.  We head home on the Saturday with our bundle of joy and start our life anew, as a happy (yet tired) family of three!
So I'm curious, do you have kids? How did you find out you were expecting?


  1. Oh Rie, I just loved everything about your story and I must admit I've been dying to see a photo or two. He is divine. Its funny how biology takes over your brain sometimes and tells you you need something you never wanted before. I wish the three of you every happiness in the world. Oh what I would give for a cuddle of baby Joe right now. LOVE his name. XX

  2. well, i was about three weeks late and my friend and colleague at work forced me to get a pregnancy test from the local chemist and to test myself at work....and i was stunned when i found out it was positive. i had only just moved in with my boyfriend and we had tentatively made plans to have children when i was about 30 - certainly not when i was 23!! anyway i'm so glad it happened because i have a beautiful 16 year old girl and after my husband went to uni, we went on to have two more (neither planned, both loved as well). so in short - i had three accidents that have made my life so much better.
    joseph is absolutely gorgeous - enjoy this wonderful time.

  3. Ohmygosh, what a cutie! Congrats!! Love your story, too - I'm sure he'll be a happy little surprise from here on out, in your life - what a blessing! :)

  4. Congratulations!!! He looks so sweet. We have two boys. And our first was just as big a surprise as little Joe. I have a condition called Polysistic Ovary Syndrome, which basically means I don't ovulate regularly and have an out of wack hormone system.

    My husband and I had been trying to conceive for approximately eight years. Alot of stress and tears (of frustration) as we still returned negative test after test. When the new year arrived in 2005 we had decided to stop trying to conceive, get fit and to go to Tasmania in 2006 for a holiday. We had a plan.

    We saved for the holiday and we worked hard on our fitness. One day at work I was speaking to my friend and colleague mentioning how every morning before work I was getting sick, the smells of the bakery (my work) were really getting to me. I was really tired all the time, on and on my list of complaints went. Then Anne said the same to me, "I you think you might be pregnant" And I said,"Don't be silly. Really?! Noooo. Maybe." Then she said go buy a test now and try it. As we worked in a supermarket that sells them I thought I would give it a whirl just to prove that she was wrong. I couldn't be pregnant we had tried for eight years without success. We nearly owned shares in the pregnancy test company. I went to buy a test and we were sold out!!! So with my head spinning and leaving Anne in a heightened state of anticipation I went to the opposition and bought a test from there.

    I came home to the empty house and ran the first test. When the two pink lines appeared I jumped around the house like a lunatic I was so happy. And when I told hubby he couldn't believe it.

    We never did make it to Tasmania. Once Lachie was about ten months old we decided to try again, as it had taken so long to fall with him. We conceived Cooper on our first try and were able to announce to our family at Lachie's first birthday that we were expecting again. Surprise!!!

    Hope you enjoyed our story. I loved yours.
    Cheers, Deb

  5. Congratulations he is a most beautiful boy. Your story is lovely. Best of luck!

  6. Oh what a lovely story , I was a bit the same as you before I had my first baby except i was really dead set never going to have children at all so i was very shocked when i was told I was pregnant and even though I was engaged to my now hubby I was still thinking about giving the baby up after I had him as I didnt think I would make a great mum, but when I saw him for the first time all that changed, then 2 years later I had a little girl. after that we were done but after 2 unplaned babys which I lost at about 14 weeks into the pregnancy we fell pregnant again and this to was unplaned and it was then the dr told me that the pill was not working for me, so plans were made that when I had this one my tubes would be clamped then the dr took me to another room for the ultrasound and he looked at me and asked how far I thought I was and I said 6 weeks at the most he looked at me and said you need to stay calm when I tell you, I thought there might have been 2 in there so I was getting really scared and then he said to me you are just a little out on your dates and I asked what he ment and he said your 23 weeks I was that much in shock because we hadnt told anyone just incase we lost this one to and now we had to tell people that we were already half way through the pregnancy. I am so happy for you and you have a beautiful little man , enjoy him because belive me they dont stay little and cute for very long, my eldest is 18 and there are days I wish he was still little.

  7. I loved reading your story... little Joe is one good looking baby! All that dark hair is just so cute- congratulations to all of you.
    Aren't babies just amazing?! Our two were planned (though I really dislike being pregnant and vomiting my way through) but I think either way it's an amazing experience... the best thing that's ever happened to us (plus the hardest!)

    All the best with your new little man... hope you are getting some sleep :)

  8. this was the sweetest story! i remember when we were still in the hospital i had sara in my arms and jorge and i couldn´t stop marveling at her- then she let out a burp (i swear the room shook) and that was it. feet back on the ground. ;) (btw, her burps still make rooms shake;))
    i´m so happy for you rie!

  9. I had to come by and find out about the arrival. Heartiest congratulations. He is simply the sweetest!

  10. Delightful story. I planned all of mine so were expecting it - except the last one - man it only takes once!! I am one fertile lady. Anyway we were on holiday and i was feeling off but never suspected as i had never had any sickness at all before. It still took me another week before i though "Hey hang on I am over due....". Ended up being my biggest baby (nearly 10pound!) and a good birth :-) Your boy is gorgeous. How do you find the adjustment after so long just the two of you?


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