24 January, 2011

If Only....

Whenever I sit down with a cuppa the baby wakes up.
Whenever I find five minutes to myself to read, the baby wakes up.
If only I could drink this cuppa whilst hot and read this magazine whilst still a current edition.
If only there were more hours in the day but then the baby would still need more milk, more burping, more changing and more attention and loving.

I'm not complaining though, I'm happier than I've ever been - I'm a new mum with a new bub, we are both still learning each other and we have many more sleepless nights to come, with more tears to be shed and more milk to be drunk but I wouldn't change a single thing!

What are your If Only's??


  1. It is a proven scientific (or something) fact that the first cup of hot tea that you get to drink will not be before the child's fourth birthday. And you better be prepared to gulp it down all in one go!

  2. Having a baby and that first few weeks are the most exhilirating, most depressing, most emotional both of love and resentment you will ever experience. Mothering is a flux of ebb and flow its empowering and powersapping. Its about loss and gain. Loss of your independence but gain of child that depends on you. Dont worry about grumping a lot of us know exactly what you are feeling and you need to have times to lament your losses because parenting is one of the biggest personal sacrifices you will ever make. You will never come first in your mind I cant believe that emotion is still so strong in me even though she is 23 and living her own life.
    I learnt to eat onehanded, hang out clothes onehanded, drink coffee sideways with lips stretched out as far as I could. What you can do is ask your beloved to put Joe in the pram and walk him round the block and you make and drink a cup of coffee in peace and quiet. It sets up a good habit with your partner gaining confidence in caring for the baby without a built in milkbar (very useful when baby gets older) and you get to enjoy a coffee and I dont need to tell you what joy that would bring ;)

  3. it will get a little easier - the first six weeks tend to be the most challenging I remember with my three xo try not to be superwoman (I tried to), just rest, relax and chose your cuppa as soon as Joe is down for his sleep, rather than the dishes or washing! xo

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! But aren't they the best little angels ; )


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