17 May, 2011

Circular or straight???

I recently took a jump to the daring side of life....
and bought a pair of circular knitting needles.

And wow!

They are 100 times easier than straight needles!
The knitting doesn't all bunch up - so I don't get frustrated with it!

Have you ever tried circular knitting needles or you sticking to tradition..
and staying straight?!?


  1. Circs for me all the way. I actually prefer the short tips as well, the ones you're supposed to do hats and things on.

  2. I didn't know you could substitute circular needles for straight ones?

  3. It really depends what I am knitting. I still dpns for socks than circs, and baby items I do on straights. I usually use circs for top down garments and adult size ones too.

  4. I'm not a knitter but my mother was and she was totally taken with circular needles and never sewing up a seam. Cherrie

  5. I switched to circulars a few months ago and find them delightful. I've sinced moved overseas and I find them much easier to transport--not just big journeys but trapsing around town when you want to just pull it out and have a bit of a knit while you wait. Yes, circulars are good good good.


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