29 May, 2011

Ebay'ed fabric

Have you ever used Ebay?

I used it the other day for the first time & won the bid! 
So for 99c I bought some fabric (+ postage).

It was such fun, that I bid on some more.
I won some and lost some.

It's fun... maybe you should give it a go. 
There is stacks of fabric, yarn, paper - everything crafty, vintage & weird!


  1. I buy lots on eBay. Most of my garment sized yarn purchases are from eBay bargains. I have also scooped up some great fabric too. Though there is always the danger of paying more than you should when you get in a bidding war. I use a bid sniper to stop me going over my budget. The other danger of eBay purchases is not being able to feel the yarn or fabric or the shade not being accurate from the photos or monitor differences. I tend to only buy known brand items. It is great fun though.

  2. Wow 99c sounds like a bargain although I had a friend who bought something for 99c and then the seller wouldnt let her have it for that price. Your fabric looks great but I am going to resist looking over there because it will mean spending more money!

  3. I use trade me- which is only for NZ, and proberly dosn't have as much stuff on it but I really like it. I get so exiting when bidding!

  4. I use ebay a lot. I was even addicted to it at one stage. That's why I started blogging, to find myself something cheaper to be addicted to. It's worked somewhat... I am still on ebay a lot.


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