10 May, 2011

Me, this week.

Tonight I'm heading on a red-eye flight with bubba Joe & my Mr and we're headed back to Melbourne for a few days... Yay!!!!!!
So now, I finally get to do all those things I wanted to do before we moved away.
Here's a list of some of the places that I'm dragging Joe too....
..... Craft Victoria
..... Morris & Sons
..... Lincraft
..... NGV both Fed Sq & St Kilda Rd
..... that fabric shop around the corner from Tiffany's - it has fancy fabric but can't remember the name of the place
...... the pretty arcade with the beautiful mosaic floors
...... Mr Turds... ok, that's not it's name it's actually called Mr Tulk's but I think but Mr Turds sounds funnier
...... the shoe shop that I saw near the art store - it had really funky shoes
...... the art store near the shoe shop
...... that Japanese store where I bought the big box of nice incense
...... the french restaurant on the river
...... the little shop near the laneway with all the fun amber jewellery in it
...... the newly renovated Myer

Where else should I go? I want to stick to Melbourne city itself and want to visit all the fun crafty & arty places that I can.

And OMG - they had all better be Pram Friendly.... Any ideas on what I should do if I can't actually get the pram in the door way? Is it polite or rude to move the display a little to get the pram in????


  1. I love Melbourne & wished I lived close enough to have a list like yours! Enjoy!! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Glegs is the fabric shop on Elizabeth St . Tersutti fabrics is just along from Craft and well worth a look.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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