03 May, 2011

Worship me....

Ok, so maybe don't worship me but if you are looking for a place to worship your family or perhaps start your own religion, I came across these churches for sale....
I wasn't looking for a church to buy, I was just looking for property and I kept coming across churches for sale & it kind intrigued me from there.....
6963 HUON HIGHWAY, Dover, Tas 7117

Hamilton, address available on request

Wingen Real Estate -  Wingen NSW 2337

View photos of 1978 Frankford Road, Frankford

Daylesford Real Estate - 800 Hepburn Newstead Road Daylesford VIC 3460

I love the internet... you can find all sorts of weird stuff!


  1. I love the look of the one in the second photo and the one in the last. We actually looked through a disused/converted church when we were looking for our house. It is amazing the accoustics in them. And the lovely high ceilings. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Cheers, Deb

  2. I often fantasize about buying a church and converting it into an artist's co-op. There's one in my town for sale, a huge beautiful one, but they only want to sell to another congregation. Not that I have a million dollars laying around to buy a church with anyway, but I still fantasize! Thanks for sharing these cool pics!


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