27 May, 2011

I need you help...

I need your opinions on this brooch I am making.
You see, I'm not thinking straight, I have no enthusiasm, no energy but I committed myself to making a brooch & I'm gunna make one. It's just that because I don't feel enthused, I don't know if this looks decent or not.  It's not finished yet, I'm still sewing on the beads... but I'd love your feedback on it... is it too beady, too out-of-fashion, too ickky?

The reason why I'm out-of-sorts? Well, not only am I tired cos I'm a brand new mum to the worlds sweetest 5mth old boy (who is still teething), I also have 2, yes 2, family members in the hospital - one with cancer in a hospital 3hours away and the other in Intensive Care (20 minutes away) that I can't pop in to see cos of the bubba.  So, I'm really trying to be crafty but when you kinda feel hollow on the inside it can be a little hard - that's why I need your honest opinion and please, if you don't like it, don't beat around the bush - I won't be offended!
BTW, my lovely Mr says it looks good, but hey, lets face it, he says I look good when I have baby vomit in my hair!!


  1. Oh you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your family. I hope things improve soon.
    As for the brooch, I love it :-) I love the colours and the textures of the beads and I would be delighted if I got a brooch like that in the mail! Really!
    Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. Well I like it. It suits what I wear all the time - jeans and looks like my style - rustic and blue (3 boys)

  3. oh bless! so sad to hear.hope things improve.
    darl your brooch looks fabulous i love the blue beads.:)

  4. Repeat after me: This too shall pass. You are clearly in a rough patch, and I am so sorry to hear it. I promise you that things will get better eventually. Your son's teeth will come in and he will eventually sleep through the night every night consistently (I have 3 kiddos age 5 and under, so I have experienced my fair share of tiredness!). I can guarantee you that your circumstances will shift and you will feel better. And I just paused and prayed for your two loved ones in the hospital. I am so sorry for them and for you, but I have faith that things will improve.

    Now for the brooch. How 'bout if you add something unexpected to liven things up? I was thinking something like a tiny yellow flower in the upper rightish area. Or maybe one orange bead strategically placed? I'm basically just throwing ideas out there to see if anything sounds good. :)

    Keep breathing in and out. I've had days where the most I accomplished was keeping myself and the kids alive for the day. I have experienced the unspeakable sorrow of losing one of my dearest loved ones to cancer. But I have also experienced unspeakable joy in a thousand different ways. I promise you it's coming your way. :)

    Good luck and God bless!

  5. its a beauty!! Try crafting to take your mind off things for a while...I hope everything gets better for you! Claire x

  6. Sorry to hear about your family. Sounds like a rough time.

    On a positive note I love the broach. It almost looks like something a bit vintage and I like it for that. If you did want to give a bit more of something - I love Jessicas idea of an unexpected orange or yellow bead. Just the one mind!

  7. Anonymous27 May, 2011

    To be honest the colors are great just a little intestine looking to me, but thats just my ipinion!

  8. Its gorgeous!!
    It must be hard to concentrate at the moment! You're doing brilliantly!xx

  9. Oh honey, that's just crappy. I feel for you I really do. I hope it all settles down really soon.
    I think the brooch is looking fab! As is that vomit on your shoulder. Maybe some stitching or binding around the edge of the denim to finish it off??

  10. I always think that making things is a bit like cooking - it always seems better if someone else made it. Your brooch looks great - but it 's probably hard to visualise the final form when your heart is elsewhere? I'd be very happy with this if I was the recipient - especially knowing the effort that went into making it. I hope things get better for you and your family soon.

  11. I think it looks like something from the 80's... not my favorite thing, but I agree with a comment I read, that spiffing it up with a flower, or as the center of a flower would improve it.

  12. Oh you poor thing, that's rough! I hope things improve soon. Especially with those in hospital. We had a bad patch with our family last year so I sympathise entirely.
    I found the first six months with my first bub really tough going but it got so much better from then on. Truly. And your little Joe, what a cutie, love the pic. : )
    I love your brooch and your swap partner will too. Take care. x Alisa


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