27 May, 2011

I need you help...

I need your opinions on this brooch I am making.
You see, I'm not thinking straight, I have no enthusiasm, no energy but I committed myself to making a brooch & I'm gunna make one. It's just that because I don't feel enthused, I don't know if this looks decent or not.  It's not finished yet, I'm still sewing on the beads... but I'd love your feedback on it... is it too beady, too out-of-fashion, too ickky?

The reason why I'm out-of-sorts? Well, not only am I tired cos I'm a brand new mum to the worlds sweetest 5mth old boy (who is still teething), I also have 2, yes 2, family members in the hospital - one with cancer in a hospital 3hours away and the other in Intensive Care (20 minutes away) that I can't pop in to see cos of the bubba.  So, I'm really trying to be crafty but when you kinda feel hollow on the inside it can be a little hard - that's why I need your honest opinion and please, if you don't like it, don't beat around the bush - I won't be offended!
BTW, my lovely Mr says it looks good, but hey, lets face it, he says I look good when I have baby vomit in my hair!!