25 August, 2011

Don't worry, she's Harmless!

I'm mean... armless!
Mona is still in the process of 'making'.
She's made from a coupe of fabric Yo Yos & buttons...
and is for a swap I joined.. maybe she's for you??

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  1. lol how cute....in a kind of freaky kind of way hee hee...i have just started making my first doll too this week...good learning process.

  2. This looks interesting, look forward to seeing the finished doll.

  3. Love how those buttons have become legs after all. It's looking very 'Robots' to me :)) Kx

    p.s. Apologies for the comment but I couldn't think of any other way of putting it... I wonder if you've got to the stage of finding analogies in kids movies yet? It's a disease! I do it so often it's embarrassing. ;)

  4. So cute! I was intrigued by the little pic of your doll on 'our creative spaces' and had to visit!

  5. She is really intriguing....look forward to seeing her finished.


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