12 August, 2011


Choose option a) or b)

a)   Are you on Ravelry? Yes! Then lets be friends, I'd love to see your projects, your bookshelf & of course all the items that you fave.  You can find me as craftyrie  (yeah, I know, I'm not creative when it comes to making up names!!!)

b)  Are you wondering what the heck Ravelry is??   Well, Ravelry is kinda like Facebook for yarnies (knitters, crocheters, spinners etc) but way cooler & it lets you record what's in your yarn stash, upload your list of craft books and of course, you can show off your current projects and find patterns etc etc etc. I highly recommend it. BUT you do have to sign up for it, but don't worry, its free and FUN!!!  Click here to join in the fun....   


  1. Yes i am on Ravelry, although since I have my blog I do not post a lot... My username is Thomas

  2. a).
    Ravelry is awesome! I'm friend-ing you now...


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