06 August, 2011

Taste testing

I've been experimenting in the kitchen.
A birthday is coming up for a newly diagnosed Diabetic, so I've been experimenting to find a recipe suitable for a birthday cake.
I made cupcakes with & without sugar using the same recipe and also did the same with the cookies.  
A friend came over & kindly helped me taste test the above plate! And to our surprise, they all turned out ok!  So my experiment has worked, I can now bake both a bday cake and a batch of cookies for the Bday girl!
The photo shows me cheating... I'm not going to using chocolate icing on the cake, I'll use cream - I just didn't have any on hand for the taste testing!!  The cupcake on the left has the fake sugar and the cookie on the right has the fake sugar too.

Do you have any tried & tested Diabetic friendly recipes that I can pass on??


  1. I have some sites and recipes, will send to you later. I am A 'pre-diabetic'

  2. I just made a post on my blog about sugarfree recipes. Hope it can help you.


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