04 August, 2011


My lil bubba Joe was sick. 
Sick for the first time - ever. 
High fever, vomiting, floppy, listless, crying in pain.
The poor lil thing. 
So I took him to the doctor.
He had his first medicine. 
First medicine ever.
The medicine worked. 
Bubba Joe is well again. 
So I kept a momento, the medicine bottle. 
The medicine bottle is now a little vase.

And may I just add, that I know that I'm a brand new mum and I know he will be sick many times in his life but this was the first time EVER.
My soul was ripped up and I was at a dithering loss. But I sucked it up. I sucked it in. I remained calm. I remained logical. I remained me. And we got thru it and I'm glad.
Phew, tough few days but they've gone now & the giggles are back, the grins are back and the bouncing on peoples laps are back  (Joe not me)!