04 August, 2011


My lil bubba Joe was sick. 
Sick for the first time - ever. 
High fever, vomiting, floppy, listless, crying in pain.
The poor lil thing. 
So I took him to the doctor.
He had his first medicine. 
First medicine ever.
The medicine worked. 
Bubba Joe is well again. 
So I kept a momento, the medicine bottle. 
The medicine bottle is now a little vase.

And may I just add, that I know that I'm a brand new mum and I know he will be sick many times in his life but this was the first time EVER.
My soul was ripped up and I was at a dithering loss. But I sucked it up. I sucked it in. I remained calm. I remained logical. I remained me. And we got thru it and I'm glad.
Phew, tough few days but they've gone now & the giggles are back, the grins are back and the bouncing on peoples laps are back  (Joe not me)!


  1. No matter if it is the 1st or the 100th, it is tough when our children are sick! Glad he is better!

  2. Just as heartbreaking is the first time they really hurt themselves. That moment when they fall over and it's a big bang and they look at you as if to say "Why didn't you protect me??"
    Pretty soon it becomes one of many bumps.
    It's never nice though - sickness and bumps :(
    Glad to hear he's all well again.


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