30 August, 2011

Fabric purchases

How cute is this Kangaroo Xmas fabric!  I bought it for a swap, it's on its way to the USA.
The red & white fabric is for Bubba Joe's (very first) Xmas stocking.
The colourful stripes fabric.... well, how could I not buy them!
But... what should I use the stripey fabric for??? (they are fat quarters).

AND... did you enter my GIVEAWAY yet???


  1. Awww tha kangaroo fabric is super cute!
    Do we have to think about christmas already? Agggghhhh I'm sure it gets earlier every year and I'm never organised.

  2. I LOVE the kangaroo fabric! Wonder if there is any Kiwi Christmas fabric out and about?

  3. ooooo love that Kangaroo xmas fabric!!!
    Im christmas crazy and love checking out all the new fabrics!

  4. Where did you get the Christmas Kangaroo fabric? Must, must, must have some!

    I meant to put a please in that question/demand somewhere, really I did...

  5. That is the cutest kangaroo fabric!!!


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