19 November, 2012

Doing stuff

I've got a few projects going on the at the moment...

I'm about to stitch up this baby hat that I knitted, it'll be the very first thing in my online store!
I'm making & bottling whole-seed mustard - do you want the recipe, it's super easy to make.
I'm finishing putting the final touches to my Xmas ornament (for the swap).
I'm making wreaths out of vines that I'm trimming back.
I'm madly knitting the jumper for hubby's Xmas present in bubs naptime.
I'm thinking about Xmas presents a lot. 
I'm crocheting washcloths each night for presents.
I'm thinking about bubbas birthday and have decided on chocolate cupcakes for him - cos he loves chocolate cake.  I think I'll make lil fairy cakes with the cupcakes as I'm not super keen on giving him all that icing yet.
I'm making notes in my knitting patterns like this... I used to scribble on the patterns in pen but then found it makes much more sense to write on a sticky note & it is also a good way to leave a place marker on the pattern if you then decide to put the knitting down for awhile. 
How do you 'mark' or make notes on your patterns?
I've been planting seedlings that I've grown in jiffy pots - I LOVE jiffy pots, I love how they swell up to encase the seed & then watching the seed sprout & grow.
I've been thinking about learning to drive & getting my drivers licence.
I've been slowly adding bubbas artwork to the wall, I love it - so very proud of my boy!
I've been reading too much & not doing any housework.
What have you been doing? 

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  1. I do the sticky note thing too! Especially when I have to make something that is two of a kind (like socks or mittens) so then I have something to refer back to when I am making the second one, so that they come out exactly alike!


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