27 November, 2012

The day a toaster met a plant...

This is a story about a toaster, some magic mojo & a plant called pigface.

Did you know that I have magic powers? Yes, I do!  I was sitting on the couch, sipping my cup of tea & eating burnt toast whilst thinking of our crappy toaster and I thought to myself, when that stupid toaster dies I'm going to turn it into a planter.
Well... the very next day the toaster stopped working, so I then set about turning it into a planter!
Voila... what do you think?

Here is the 'toddler' shot of the toaster planter with my 'helper' in the background!
And speaking of toasters... for my brothers birthday (back in April) I went bookshopping - he's one of those blokes who has pretty much everything (& pretty much every book too) but I was determined to get him something good this year.  I stumbled upon this book:::
 The Toaster Project, or, a Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch...you can buy it from here or here
It turns out that the book was so good, so awesome,  that my big bro lent it to me to read, and yep, he was right - it is a fab book!  What is it about? Well, in a nutshell, it's about a fella who built himself a toaster - from scratch!  
Anyways, just thought I'd share this brilliant book as I am well aware that Christmas is coming & we all have that 'difficult bloke' present to buy!

And here is where I apologise... you see, I was waiting for the pigface to flower and thought it would look so ace .... but I forgot to put the plant in the sunlight, you see, I was too busy admiring the toaster planter that I neglected the actual plant! Oh well, but I'm sure you've seen many pigfaces blossoming over the years - just picture those flowers up there in the above pics!!


  1. The links don't seem to be working and as you didn't give the title I can't look it up either!

  2. ...sigh... sometimes blogger just doesn't like me! I've fixed the links up, they should work now. The book is called The Toaster Project.


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