26 November, 2012

Taa Daa...

It's brag time for me, what do you think of the vest I made for bubba?

 LOVE the how the self-striping yarn turned out.
I made it a size 2... but it knitted up to be a size 1. Oh well, I'm glad I got bubba to model it for me rather than just sticking it in the cupboard awaiting a growth spurt!
I LOVE my lil model.  He's getting harder & harder to convince to stay still, sigh, he'll be two in December.
For all the deets, they are on Ravelry here.


  1. Your little boy is just so sweet. I think the vest turned out fantastic. The stripes look really good. Now you will be able to do a sweater!

  2. BRAVO! I love it. So much stripey goodness... and yes - one of the most handsome models ever.

  3. This is the legit actual cutest thing ever! That yarn is fantastic.

    And he's just the perfect little model. Adorbz.


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