20 November, 2012

Eyes and web

Did you know that down here in Tasmania, there is more UV than in places such as Sydney & Brisbane.
Yep, it's true, that means that I need good sunglasses as well as a good supply of sunscreen on hand. 

So that is why when Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses, I jumped at the chance for a pair of sunnies.

And here they are...  I chose a pair that both my hubby & I can wear as we often just pick up the pair of closest glasses as we dash out the door!
Firmoo have a great website that allows you to upload your own self photo or use a stock photo to see if the glasses match your face shape - I was lucky that the stock photo for my face shape also had a near identical hair colour & hair cut!  
If you want to grab yourself a pair of sunglasses or other type of glasses, they have a free glasses offer - yep, free! Give them a shot, they have quick postage & the glasses come in a super duper tough container that won't let them get squished in the post!

Note: the above is a sponsored post but the opinions are my own.

Don't you just love the way that you can pretty much buy anything online now!  I mean, I order my groceries online, do my banking online, chat via email not on the phone and of course, I buy myself books, fabric, yarn, travel tickets, concert tickets online too.

Do you have any favourite online stores whether it be handcrafted goods or department store goodies?

~~this is a sponsored post~~

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