05 November, 2012

Meanwhile on Rav...

Do you know that feeling of 'what next' when you're already working on one (or two or three) projects?  Well I do, I get it bad all the time! 
So whilst I'm knitting my hubby's secret vest & bubba's vest & a baby hat & crocheting some Christmas gifts & baby booties...... in my 'down' time I'm searching Ravelry for the next projects.
Here are some cute projects that have caught my eye...

 Check out the back of this garment, how cool is this!
 Go granny squares, I love it!!
 I really like this jumper, the additional colours on the trims make it extra special.
 There is only one word for this skirt and that is ... LOVE!!

All images are via Ravelry, please click on the image to take you to more details about the pattern & maker!

Now tell me, have you ever knitted/crocheted a skirt or dress?  Would you wear one? Would you buy one? Or do you think they are too dorky?