29 October, 2014

Almost November & thinking about posting stuff.

Oh my goodness, it is almost November which means that it is almost December which means that it is almost Christmas!
So, first things first, planning.
List making,  look at your calendar and note down the following (in chronological order):
~ what birthdays are there between now & the end of the year
~ what events are there for the end of the year things such as end of school year, parties
~ what do you need for these events - teachers gifts, Kris Kringle gifts etc
~ then add to the list all the people that you need to buy gifts for & those that you need to buy that special card for.

Highlight all those that need to be posted.
Now, what are you going to make/buy & post?

So, with the thought to posting presents, here are some great gift ideas to send via snail mail.
Hankie CHATTER TEETH on super soft white cotton hanky Ugly Christmas sweater -- Santa Dinosaur -- pullover sweatshirt -- s m l xl xxl xxxl  Tea Time Wood Charm Necklace 
2 Miniature Monarch Butterflies in Dollhouse Scale - 1/4" Wingspans   Stonemen Men's Brief PARIS  The "Brown" Bag // Caramel Brown WAXED Canvas Lunch Bag, an updated, eco-friendly classic 
Camille Colouring In Book for all ages  Bird necklace, vintage necklace, blue necklace, Blue Tits necklace, romantic necklace, handmade necklace, bird jewellery   Sew a Pudding Felt Christmas Decoration Kit 
top to bottom, left to right:
Teeth hanky by Snotty Brat
Ugly Christmas sweater by Skip n Whistle
Tea time brooch by Sugar Cookie
Miniature butterflies by Gods Flying Flowers
Paris undies for blokes by Stonemen
Brown canvas lunch bag by Italic Home
Colouring in book for all ages by Lovely Sweet William
Bird necklace by Fen & Co
Sew a pudding kit by Georgia Giles

Not sending a present via post but you still want to send some Christmas greetings? How about these cute designs for your seasons greetings.
Festive Postcard Pack  Christmas Card - Modern Christmas Card - Unique Christmas Card - Unique Holiday Card - MERRY & BRIGHT  Letterpress Christmas card, Merry & Bright Christmas Candy. Rudolph, Christmas pine trees, In fluoro pink and neon green Made in Australia 
Santa Hates You - Funny Christmas Card - Funny Holiday Card - Foldout Greeting card  Dachshunds Christmas Cards- Set of 6  // Holiday Cards Christmas Card - Last Card (Christmas Version)
top to bottom, left to right:
Festive Postcards by Belle and Boo
Merry & Bright Card by Sad shop
Merry & Bright deer card by Fluid Ink Letterpress
Santa Hates You card by Finch and Hare
Dachshunds card pack by Jaqueline B
Last Card in the store by Able and Game
images via sources

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