07 October, 2014

Some things I missed

I've been forgetting to tell you lots of things lately. Firstly I just missed my blog anniversary by 3 days!, so happy bloggery to me, it's been a fab seven years & thanks for sharing my bloggy adventures with me.
this lil monkey turned one... Yep, I know have a one year old crazy baby girl!  She is driving me mental at the moment, she is into EVERYTHING & she can't even walk yet! Also, she is eating me 'out of house & home', gosh, she really is a little piglet!
 Speaking of birthday's last week (& the cake above) was my hubby's birthday and next week sees me turning forty!  Yep, the big Four-Oh! I'm really hoping hubby will buy me this... but I know he won't, I'll probably get another ruddy cookbook! 

I also have some super things planned for the blog but first I want to learn more about you, my reader & will be putting up a questionnaire in the coming weeks & in return for filling out the questionnaire, I will have a super treat for you - what will the treat be?  Ahh, I am thinking a personal handwritten thankyou in the post - yep, snail mail, a personal thankyou from me to you in your letterbox!  I thought it would be nice to treat my lovely bloggy readers with something personal as I treasure each & every one of you!


  1. Hey, look at the big girl! She is beautiful! I would love a handwritten letter from you!

  2. You'd probably love the pressie I bought for you too.... you'd probably love it even better if I actually posted the darn thing!!

  3. Oh what a big week!!
    Happiest of birthdays to your little gal, your hubby, your blog and most importantly, YOU!!


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