27 October, 2014

This is me showing you that I am right.

Ever had someone doubt your ability? I have. I wrote a pattern & published it for FREE back in 2012, despite many people successfully using the pattern, every now & then I get someone say it's wrong. Well it's not wrong & now I'll show you why.

Firstly, this is me showing that I am working the last sc & dc into the last stitch on the row.

Then this is the end of the row and look, I haven't ended it by adding a chain one.

Now, as if by magic, I have turned the crochet piece over to start the next row.
Note that I still haven't added a chain 1.
Look carefully, this is me showing you that I am starting a new row.  
I have skipped the first stitch & inserted my hook WITHOUT chaining 1.
Yep, that is me starting a row without a chain stitch.
 Wow. Look. This is me starting the row with a sc not a chain 1.
I started the row as stated, skipping the first stitch & doing a sc & dc into the next stitch.
It may look like it is 'sloping' maybe about to perform a triangle but wait.....
after crocheting the next couple of stitches (of the pattern),
there is no triangle,
no slope,
in fact the edge is perfectly straight.
Now, do you see that my pattern is right??
If you don't perhaps you should try and then try again, look at your technique rather than assuming that the pattern writer is wrong.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry here or get it straight from my blog here.
Once you have finished making some, buy this stack, wrap them & gift them.

Rant over
the end.


  1. I am not going to lie, when I first read this pattern I thought it was interesting that there was no chaining when turning but I thought what the heck I'll give it a try as is. Low and behold the pattern is great as is! Thanks so much for the free pattern!! I have now used it to teach my mom and my friend both how to crochet :).

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you gave the pattern a try & even happier that not only it worked for you but you have used it to help teach others the wonderful craft of crochet!

  3. Hi! I'm a knitter, not an experienced crocheter, but I do like to crochet my dishcloths. I think they just turn out better. I really like your pattern. Even though I'm not adept at crochet, I could see that the ch1 at the end of the row was not needed. The dc achieves that role anyway. I have learned one must read patterns carefully to get the desired results. Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern

  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern. I'm a knitter and only crochet occasionally. I prefer crocheting my dishcloths because I think they turn out better. Despite my lack of experience, I could see that the dc at the end of the row actually takes the place of the usual ch1. Like you, I am mystified why folks couldn't see that.


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