13 October, 2014

Taa daa: some pretty coasters

So, what does one do with a 50gm ball of cotton yarn?  Well, let's see, I could put it into my stash & let the yarn stash build up & up or I could do something right away, right now...

So I sat down & searched for a pattern, first I wanted to make skirt for baby Laney but nope, after many attempts I discovered that the cotton had no 'give' or stretch so that plan was aborted. I fiddled around a bit as I wanting to knit something but in the end, fell back into my love of crochet. I picked up one of my pattern books, sat down with a cup of tea & first crocheted this big coaster.
It would fit a teapot, so I'm calling it my teapot coaster.  I then had yarn leftover but not enough to make another one of these, so I made two smaller flower coasters.
These can be the teacup coasters!
So there you have it, a set of coasters for a teapot & two teacups. I am thinking this would make a pretty Christmas gift for someone.  If you were given this, would it be a nice gift or would you go hmph, thanks & toss them into the back of the cupboard?
Have you started Christmas present making or buying yet?  I'm trying to buy as much handcrafted stuff as possible. I would like to make most of my gifts but my family aren't really the type that you give handmade too & they are too far away to make 'food gifts' for so I just tend to buy either books or vouchers for them.
Oh & the yarn is more a soft blue rather than the green it's showing the in photos, I just couldn't capture the colour properly.

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