21 October, 2014


Ok, so today we are going to talk balls.

The above basket is my odd ball basket. This is the balls left over from old projects or just random balls that I have purchased over the years. Once this stash is empty, I promised myself that I would no longer purchase acrylic yarn - life is too short to be wasted on acrylic, I will only buy wool or cotton or other natural fibres. I also promised myself, that I would in future, only buy Australian yarn (if possible).
These balls are a recent purchase (from here), I think they will make either cute dresses or skirts for baby Laney.
In saying that they would make a cute skirt, I of course decided to knit her a jumper!
This purple is a 4ply cotton... not sure what I will make with it yet, perhaps some balls or baubles for the kiddies.
This bunch of yarn is what I just received in the mail. The green & brown is for a cardigan (for me) with perhaps a red & white stripe..maybe. I bought more yarn than needed because it is a 'one-off' run of wool, so instead of running out in the middle of a project, I will in fact have too much that I can then make the either Joe or Laney something with the left-overs.


  1. i have one of those baskets full of yarn too. :)
    happy knitting


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