21 March, 2015

Hang it.

Have you seen this website called Minted? It has the cutest art prints like the one above and the ones below.
I am particulary taken with this one (below) as it's something I chant every time I step out of the front door & I've noticed my husband does it too!  Do you have a similar chant?


It's a pretty neat website because you can select a range of different frames to suit the picture right there on the screen, rather than dragging the print to the framers & stand there with your kids pulling out the entire contents of your handbag all over the floor whilst you umm & ahh over a matching frame for the print.
I was just going to show you a couple of my favourite but I can't as there are way too many favourites on my list! 
http://www.minted.com/product/foil-stamped-wall-art/MIN-01T-GFA/unique-fishy?ccId=348959&org=title   http://www.minted.com/product/wall-art-prints/MIN-887-KNA/travelers-compass?ccId=401618&org=title
So I'm adding some more to show you. Are you beginning to like this website as much as me?
Go on, head over to Minted.com/art and find your own favourites to show me!
Note: this is a sponsored blog post but all opinions are my own.


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