27 March, 2015

One egg, one book.

Talk to me, I'm curious about what traditions you have in your family. Do you have any? What kind are they? Are these 'new' traditions or something passed down through your family?
You see, having such a young family (a 4yo & a 1yo), we have this chance to start our own family traditions but geesh, you think that coming up with such wonderful things would be easy but nope!  This is where I'd like your opinions, feedback & suggestions on what you do & if you could, would you change it?

Now, thinking of traditions, think of Easter.
We aren't a religious family but we celebrate Easter & Christmas and of course, Easter means chocolate ..right? 
Should this mean copious amounts of Easter eggs eaten to extreme that you start to feel sick before breakfast?  Nope. I don't want this for me or for my kids, especially as Delaney hasn't even had chocolate yet and Joe (who is 4) eats chocolate less than once a month.

I have been asking around, people have been saying that they have big Ester egg hunts and the kids end up with a big pile of Easter eggs. ... they seem ok with this, giving their kids heaps of chocolate. I don't know, is it just me or are we encouraging our kids to pig-out and expect more rather than less?
I've been thinking & thinking and suddenly, late last night, I came up with this:  one egg & one book per person in our family. 
So that means I get one egg & one book as does my husband, Joe and Delaney. Now, the size of the 'egg' can of course vary and hey, it can even mean a bunny or block of chocolate but in Delaney's case, I think it will mean a toy bunny. And the book, well, we all love books, so we can all have fun picking out a book for someone else. We can also turn Joe's egg & book into a 'hunt' with clues like a pirate map & make it fun.

I think I kinda like this idea, as I've been trying to clear out the clutter from our life and use the mantra "less is best". We don't need to over-consume all the time and I feel that if we start now & teach our children this then eventually (hopefully) we can all live a happier, cleaner, healthy life.

So now to you... what do you think of my idea? 
Is it a crazy "this mum doesn't know what she's doing" kind of thing or do you think it's a good thing?
What do you do at Easter time?

note... the book in the above photo is awesome! It is a fab book for blokes, it is a fab book for people who love DIY, it is a fab book for people who always think 'I can make that' or 'why does it cost that much' ... totally a great read, I recommend it. For more details about the book click here....