03 March, 2015

Show us your block

Gosh, 28 days didn't last long did they!  February was a big month in my household for my family. You see, February saw my lil boy starting his very first day of school, therefore starting our family on a new schedules, routines & of course school lunches. Also, not to be outdone by her big brother, baby Laney started walking that same week!  So you see, February 2015 was a big one for me and I may have not completed as much as my blanket as I had hoped! 
So this is what I have completed so far for my February square for the blanket.
It's a not-so-perfect heart representing all the things that tugged at my own heart this month. 

I've started (ever so slightly started!) to quilt my January block to the batting & back fabric.  So yes, you can buy pre-cut batting, I got mine from here...  And please, if you have any tips on quilting squares together, I'd love to hear them as I'm kinda just making it up as I go along!

And remember if you are thinking of buying yarn, fabric or quilting supplies then to check out our 2015 Sampler Blanket sponsors for some great discounts here......

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