10 September, 2015

Are you joining in?

Ok, so I (we) may have fallen behind on our #2015SamplerBlankets and been distracted with lots of other fun things but hey.... I've found something else to distract us!  Will you join in with me?

How about this EPP mystery sew/quilt along?  It's sounds fun, we'd learn new stuff and hey, it starts in October so it's my birthday present to myself!

Also, remember if you do sign up then you'll need fabric... so remember you can use these discount codes for some great fabric deals....

20% off fabric over here.... using the code #2015SamplerBlanket

15% off fabric over here.... using the code 2015SamplerBlanket

Anyway....help!!! I need your help choosing some fabric, the fabric recommended really isn't my colours (see the ranges in the above first link) but I'm so not used to picking fabrics for epp/patchwork & quilting. Honestly, I can't tell you what I like but I don't want browns or dark reds or any dark colours really or wishy-washy colours either. The colours/fabrics recommend make me want to turn around and leave the room.  
Any suggestions? What is your favourite quilting range?

I'm kinda liking these ones but I'm not sure......  (yes, I'm indecisive) and I have no idea what colour/s to choose for the backing fabric of the quilt and the blocks.
LANDSCAPE by Ink and Spindle - 12PCE Fat Quarter Bundle - Organic Cotton Fabric Landscape by Ink and Spindly from TheNaturalLoom

Sun Print Ink by Alison Glass for Andover - FQ 9 pack {In Stock} Bundle | Quilting, Sewing, Home Decor supplies Sun Print Ink by Alison Glass from MyChickadeeOnEtsy

For You - 40 x 1/4 yd Bundle  For You by Brigette Heitland from MotifsbyHand

Mimosa by Windham Fabrics - Full Collection Mimosa by Windham Fabrics from PolkaDotTeaFabrics
..and then when I think I am focused and have a plan, I get distracted by these Blue Wrens from Thistle and Fox


  1. I like mimosa and the wrens! The wrens the most! I just cannot sew tiny stitches

    1. Maybe I can use the wrens for the backing fabric!


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