22 September, 2015


I'd like to introduce you to my newest thing........
Yarnotion is my new range of hand-dyed yarns!
How excited are you? I'm pretty excited, in fact it's been hard keeping it a secret!
Would you like a peek at some of the yarns?  ...yes!!

Now, where can you get your hands on these? Hmm???
Well, at the moment, they are currently available via Ravelry here..... I'll keep you updated on new colours and where you can purchase it.

Tell me, do you have preferences when it comes to yarn? Do you prefer DK, Worsted etc What are your favourite colours & colour combinations?


  1. Oh wow rie! They look fabulous!!!
    Well done!!

  2. Gorgeous Rie! I love them all 😍

  3. Looks beautiful, Rie! Well done :D


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