08 September, 2015

Send more scraps

Do you see this happy lil chappy, yep my Joe made this toy!

He designed it, cut the pattern, chose the fabric and even sewed it on the sewing machine.
Well, when I say sewed it ... I mean he used the foot and pressed down & I told him to start, ease off and stop with the occasional "STOP" when he got to heavy footed!
This is the design he drew. I gave him the instructions to draw a monster/person/doll and it needs to have a head, body, arms & legs. I then squiggled the pen around the bits he needed to cut out, which he then did in the 'lovely' way a 4 year old cuts things out!

He chose the fabric all him by himself, I just told him that he needed to have a piece with no patterning on it for the head.  He had fun looking through all my scrap fabric to make his decision.
Excepting the stuffing and thread, it's all made out of scrap fabric. Well, to be really truthful, it's made from other peoples scrap fabric that they have sent me!  So please, if you have any quilting fabric left over in your scrap pile - send it to me, you can see it's put to good use!
I'm actually thinking of making a bunch more of these toys but with longer arms so they can be crossed over in the front like a hug. There are lots of charities that are wanting toys especially with the approach to Christmas, so please, if you do have any scrap fabric send to us and we'll make charity toys from them - Joe can be in charge of choosing the fabrics together as I think he did a great job!

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  1. This is awesome. :D Well done, Joe! Rie, you must be so proud!!


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