12 September, 2015

in the blink of an eye...

We had a birthday in our house this week, my lil baby girl turned two!

So I wanted to bake her a birthday cake that wasn't too sweet or heavy and guess what... I succeeded!
I used a recipe from this book (or from here if you are outside of Australia). It's actually a cupcake recipe converted to a cake recipe and it was moist & tasty. The filling was strawberry cream which was super yum and the buttercream frosting wasn't too sweet and really easy to make. I totally impressed myself, sure my piping skills could do with some work but first I think I need a set of proper piping nozzles like these before my piping/cake decorating skills will improve!

Do you have a favourite, no fail birthday cake recipe that you use? ... can you share the recipe? 
And here is my baby girl... I can't believe two years have passed so quickly!

Happy Birthday sunshine!