19 December, 2011

At the moment...

Life is a way too cluttered at the moment for me, for us.  Having just moved house, we have boxes everywhere, but what is worst, we have half open boxes everywhere as we try to find things such as.. where is the picnic rug, where are the screws to put the bed back together, have you seen the sunscreen, where is the alarm clock and do you remember which box the remote control went in...  All those sorts of things.
The kitchen is a disaster but I can find just enough space to cook & bake.  I've managed to bake Bubba a Carrot Cake for his birthday; a real one for the grown ups & the same mixture minus the nuts, icing, eggs, dairy & soy for Bubba & his best buddy - as his best buddy is allergic to eggs, dairy & soy.  BUT what surprised me, is that the recipe still worked minus the eggs... weird huh!  ... so 'why do we use eggs in the cake' was the question during the weekend! 

The kitchen is 'finding' itself, I'm trying to 'listen' to what the kitchen is doing.. it seems that the oils & condiments are finding a home to the left of the stove & the foil, baking paper, plastic bags etc are finding a home on the right of the stove.  Hubby, of course, thinks I'm mad & should just put stuff away and sort it out later, but this is my mad method & it seems to be working!
We also handed back the keys to the rental property on Saturday too.. no more renting! Yay!  I did go for one last walk down the backyard & found the Cherry Plum tree was ripe with fruit, so I picked a small bag ful to make into jam... I could have picked bags full of them, but hey, I just moved, I have only 1 empty jar and no kitchen space!!
In crafty news.. not much is happening here!  I'm still trying to finish Bubba's Xmas stocking, but I'm not going to stress if I don't get it finished, he's only 1 & he's not going to notice if he doesn't have a Xmas stocking or not!  BUT will all the moving, I am completely embarrassed by how much crafty stuff I have.. I have way too much! In fact, I think that next year, I will try, yes try, to finish off as many projects as possible! So instead of finding a storage space for an unfinished project I can find homes for finished crafty items instead!!
On Saturday we had a little birthday picnic to celebrate Bubba turning 1.  He spent most of the time stuffing as much food into his mouth as possible!  
And on Bubba news... he's weaned himself off one breastfeed - his morning tea booby feed & he's now only having one nap during the day... he's done this all by himself!!  He refused to have a nap on Saturday (the morning of his picnic), he must have been too excited and he didn't have a morning nap on Sunday either as we walked around Hobart as he was too busy chatting away in the pram...  So he solved my dilemma on how to transition him from 2 naps to 1!! Clever Bubba!!
And for some cuteness that isn't crafty at all, this little video is of Bubba just this morning, 'helping' me unpack the fragile box....  I walked into the loungeroom & Joe was having fun unpacking the box!!!
That's me for today, phew, I didn't mean to say so much!  Have a fun day where ever you are!!

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  1. Very cute! He's a great help! Merry Christmas to you all.


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