02 December, 2011

Vintage Sheets

Now that I've moved to Tasmania, I can afford to go into the thrifty shops! Yep, that's right, I said I can afford too... when I lived in Melbourne, I lived in Hawthorn and the thrifty shop stuff were expensive, I mean, $12 for a single bed sheet, $15 for an old vase etc etc... It was actually cheaper to go to Target to buy the stuff new!
But now back in Tassie & Tasmanians know what thrifty is. Yay!
So whenever I'm in town, I pop in to the thrifty stores and I've started vintage sheet collection.
Whatchya think?! 
Oh, and by the way, I can actually fit the pram into the Tassie thrifty stores, the ones around where I lived in Melbourne, I had to leave hubby outside with the pram cos it wouldn't fit in the shop!!


  1. Some of the Melbourne prices are just crazy! Thank goodness I;m in the outer suburbs where it's a little more affordable.

  2. I know what you mean about pricing, thrifting seems to be such a trend and all our charity shops here in the uk are getting more pricey!
    Your finds are lovely though.

  3. Great sheets!
    It's been so annoying in the last couple of years thrift shopping has become the 'in thing' and all the prices have gone up here too!


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