05 December, 2011


Somethings been bugging me lately.  I go to sleep with it on my mind, I wake up and I'm still annoyed by it. So this is a vent.  

Shame on you, yes you, the person who 'stole' my idea, claimed it as their own & is now making money from it.
Shame on you, yes you, the person who has a very popular crafty blog too, who I used to admire as I thought you had a lot of get up & go.. apparently, you have other peoples get up & go.
Shame on you, yes you, the person who claims that other people 'bag' them off, I used to be on your side, but now I see why someone may do that.
Shame on you, you made me want to quit my blog. 
Shame on you, I hope that you get bitten by 1000 mozzies & find a cockroach in the bottom of your coffee cup.

This is the second time that someone has made me sit back & wonder why I blog, some people are just deflating, ya know what I mean?  
The first time was a few months back when I wrote a post about how hard it was adjusting to life as a mum & as a stay at home mum, would you believe that 2 days later that someone put a post up on their blog saying that they love being a SAHM, that it was easy for them etc etc etc.  When I read that post, I cannot describe to you how crap I felt, that maybe I was in fact a terrible person because I didn't find it easy & that I shouldn't blog & that I shouldn't even be a mum. Well, shame on them too, you should never, ever, ever, ever, make someone feel bad about themselves - that is just wrong. Shame on you.

Ok. Hmm, that does feel a little better, venting off some steam does help.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you don't have any people out there that make you question about why you blog. I decided, the reason why I blog is for myself and if you guys want to come along for the ride then that is fantastic, I'll open the door myself & welcome you in, but please don't say bad things to my guests or any other person otherwise I'd be forced to spill hot tea down the front of your crisp white linen shirt!!

But I do realise that there are some people out there that cut in front of you in the shopping queues & jump ahead of you & nab your car spot that you've been waiting for.... so in the comments section, please feel free to vent & add your own 'Shame on You' !!!

BTW... thank you for all the lovely comments about me moving into my very first house!  I absolutely adore the new house, I woke up this morning excited after our first sleep in the new house, walked into the very messy lounge-room & found Bubba happily sitting there on his Dadda's lap - this is a home, my home & it feels great!


  1. I used to be online friends with this woman... and then my husband and I started making soap and then candles, and I announced it and our new business to a group of mutual friends. I had NO IDEA that she also made candles and soap and was just then starting a business... but was more reticent than I and so chose not to announce it right away.

    Well, my response was something like, "Oh, great, isn't that funny! We have more in common than I even knew!" My thought was that there are a zillion soapers and candle makers. She's in Texas and I'm in NJ. She was doing cold process and using synthetic scents. Ours are hot process and 100% natural. So there are scents we can't produce and she could get the smooth look while our soaps are chunky. Her candles are primarily jar candles and meltaways, while ours are stand-alone pillars and votives.

    So I didn't really see us as competition with each other. There are millions of people out there, and enough customers for us both. Right?

    Well her response was less enthusiastic, though again she wasn't open about it.

    She unfriended me on FB, unfanned me from her business page (which I'd been perfectly willing to support), and stopped emailing me. I'd been following her blog, and apparently she was reading mine as well, since she proceeded to respond to many of my blog posts, poo-pooing information I was providing, arguing with my statements, etc. It was ridiculous.

    I was mostly amused.

    I know that your lifestyle as a SAHM is a lot more personal than an issue like what you choose to put in your products, but try not to take it personally. It's a small, insecure person who feels the need to argue with you and try to make you feel bad. Remember that. Be happy with yourself and your life and know that she's not with hers.

    Sorry you had to face this.

  2. Can I just be the first to say this... people suck. Not all people... or most people... but there are a lot of people out there who just plain suck! Be proud of your wonderful blog and of being a SAHM.

    Hubby and I are going to be first time parents come April and I wish with all my heart I could be a SAHM but we can't afford for me to quit my job.

  3. don't quit just because there is a bad blogger or ten. You wouldn't quit life for the same reason. Be sure of what you believe and stick to it. I totally understand your angst but it is you you are hurting not them. Obviously they haven't got a conscience or they wouldn't consciously do what they do. Hugs to you and all the best in your new family home. I don't have a story of my own to relate but am just watching a non blogging and non blog reading friend invent an item that I have already seen on the net. I know it is her on invention because she told me how she arrived at the thought through frustration with a certain mess in her girls rooms. Yet because there are similar items out there someone may rant at her when she finally goes on line with it and like you that may hurt her as she is a gentle soul. Cherrie

  4. I am glad that you are happy in your new home..Go ahead and rant..It is your blog..the way I look at it is this..some people..not all and not even most are just total jerks. They don't even know they are. Don't let them control you if you can help it and do your own thing and don't worry about theirs. Live your life well and it will all come back to you. A new baby, a new house, quitting your job to raise a family..all takes adjustment. Just breathe...and the adjustments will come..Hugs to you.

  5. How timely is your post!! Just yesterday I was feeling very deflated when I saw on FB a friends friend is making and selling something I made for the friend!!! Some people are so blatantly and unashamedly keen to rip off other people's ideas - its disgusting.
    Please don't stop blogging because of one or two others. There are so many beautiful people out there in blogging land.
    And as for the parenting thing - you are NOT alone. I have three kids, aged 10, 8 and 6 years and I STILL find being a SAHM hard. Its a different experience for everyone and not everyone is going to find it easy..
    Take care And congratulations on the new home :)

  6. Some chick cut in at a 100 miles an hour and stole my perfect parking spot today. I was so pissed off. Little b**ch in her hyundi excel (or what ever it is called) I wanted to get out and key her car. I was ranting to the three children in the back see about what a cow she was ... blah blah blah... and then we had a discussion about how sometimes I want to do something really bad to people because they make me so angry but that I don't ... and that makes me a good person. Eldest child seemed to really get what I was saying... but I sensed that perhaps I am the person who makes him angry most often. Mmmm.

    Blogging. Yep. Some people can leave you feeling a little flat sometime. Please don't let it affect what you do. I love your blog. I'm inspired by you - and my stash proves it... I have loads of that cotton/acyrlic from Lincraft you told me about ready to make something in 2012.

  7. Oh yeah... and I find being a SAHM the hardest thing ever. So much so that when I found out I was pregnant with #3 I went back to work full time for my pregnancy because I knew it would be easier than staying home with the kids! At least I could go vomit in the toilet at work on my own... at home someone would be nagging me to make them a sandwich regardless of the fact I was hurling.

  8. Awwww Hunny !! Some people are real assholes. But then again, sometimes we do find a life long friend.

  9. Wow, good for you! Don't let anyone stop you blogging, if you enjoy it. Blogging has become very important in my life, and although I do it mainly for myself, I have made many new friends along the way and I value their input, if I think it is a honest one.
    And as for being SAHM, that is such a personal decision! It doesn't work the same way for everybody, you have to go with what you feel is right for your family (and you) and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise:)
    When my children were small, most of the mums stayed at home then. When I look at my adult children now, I know I did the right thing, BUT the life is different now. There is no right and wrong, ask yourself how much you value this person's opinion? Does it matter?
    Enough, I am rambling:))

  10. OK here is a big hug, a hankie, and a loving pat on the back. NO and I mean NO, it is not always easy being a stay at home mom. I love my kids more that life itself but there are days I would love to run screaming across the fields in front of our home just to get a few minutes to myself. I am a fishing and hunting widow, and there are days when I would like to be the one who gets to be in that bass boat or in that tree stand or shooting house just to get a few minutes of quite. No mom is perfect and don't let anyone make you feel bad because you are not. God knows we are not perfect and he loves us anyway. Just ignore the stinkers of the world and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember there are people out here who love reading your blog and love you too. Kiss kiss hug hug love love love!! Hope this helped and have a great day :o)

  11. What? Not this again! I don't mean you... I mean that this is about the third post I've read in as many days about a "big" blogger knicking and selling other people's ideas. What is wrong with these people? I think we need to start naming and shaming... I'd be intersted to know if it's the same person.

    As for people telling you your life should be easy, well quite frankly, they're lying. Some bloggers only show us the good side, some bloggers don't mention the bad things, the little niggles, the sleepless nights, the moments of self-doubt, the downright hard slog that we ALL (whether SAHM,working mum, working non-mum) go through. They're liars and they're lying to themselves. Probably to make themselves feel better. I doubt it works.

    You keep up what you're doing. Blog about anything you like, sod the idiots!

  12. Please don't quit your blog! You are pouring out the truth and your heart in your blog. If other people want to twist that and put a negative on you, ignore them! You are a much better person than that. I don't blame you for venting and I hope with all the support you have rec'd that you see they are a very small part of a very positive group of people who follow you and enjoy you for being you.

  13. Some woman pushed my seven year old out of the way to get the last free sample of popcorn! My husband couldn't believe it and made some comment to which she replied non-plussed 'I'm sure they'll make more'. Who pushes in front of kids??
    Life is full of horrid people - you just need to surround yourself with nice, like-minded people.
    Btw - I was a stay at home mum for 8 years and I loved it - but heck there were moments when I was so envious of those who got time out, or who did adult things. Nothing is perfect all the time!!

  14. I think people tend to blog about the positive things. I do it myself. It's a feel-good strategy, and also my wish not to bombard my readers with the more personal, complicated, confused stuff. But then, it's my choice to write that way, and other people - some whom I admire a lot - write more personal blogs, and don't leave out the bad stuff. So that's just how it goes.
    And sometimes it's necessary to vent, and it's definitely better to vent somewhere like your blog than to bottle it up in yourself and then have it suddenly explode in the face of people around you. At least that's the way I see it.


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