05 December, 2011


Somethings been bugging me lately.  I go to sleep with it on my mind, I wake up and I'm still annoyed by it. So this is a vent.  

Shame on you, yes you, the person who 'stole' my idea, claimed it as their own & is now making money from it.
Shame on you, yes you, the person who has a very popular crafty blog too, who I used to admire as I thought you had a lot of get up & go.. apparently, you have other peoples get up & go.
Shame on you, yes you, the person who claims that other people 'bag' them off, I used to be on your side, but now I see why someone may do that.
Shame on you, you made me want to quit my blog. 
Shame on you, I hope that you get bitten by 1000 mozzies & find a cockroach in the bottom of your coffee cup.

This is the second time that someone has made me sit back & wonder why I blog, some people are just deflating, ya know what I mean?  
The first time was a few months back when I wrote a post about how hard it was adjusting to life as a mum & as a stay at home mum, would you believe that 2 days later that someone put a post up on their blog saying that they love being a SAHM, that it was easy for them etc etc etc.  When I read that post, I cannot describe to you how crap I felt, that maybe I was in fact a terrible person because I didn't find it easy & that I shouldn't blog & that I shouldn't even be a mum. Well, shame on them too, you should never, ever, ever, ever, make someone feel bad about themselves - that is just wrong. Shame on you.

Ok. Hmm, that does feel a little better, venting off some steam does help.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you don't have any people out there that make you question about why you blog. I decided, the reason why I blog is for myself and if you guys want to come along for the ride then that is fantastic, I'll open the door myself & welcome you in, but please don't say bad things to my guests or any other person otherwise I'd be forced to spill hot tea down the front of your crisp white linen shirt!!

But I do realise that there are some people out there that cut in front of you in the shopping queues & jump ahead of you & nab your car spot that you've been waiting for.... so in the comments section, please feel free to vent & add your own 'Shame on You' !!!

BTW... thank you for all the lovely comments about me moving into my very first house!  I absolutely adore the new house, I woke up this morning excited after our first sleep in the new house, walked into the very messy lounge-room & found Bubba happily sitting there on his Dadda's lap - this is a home, my home & it feels great!