14 December, 2011

Today and then tomorrow

This time last year I woke up with contractions, I then had contractions every 10 minutes all day long until 6pm when they suddenly jumped to 5min contractions.  I then made my hubby jump in the car, drive to KFC and buy me chips because that is what I wanted... I wanted chips & I needed to eat if I was going to get thru this.  He didn't want to go, he was worried cos now the contractions were coming so often... but I made him go.. it was the quickest trip he'd ever taken (but he promised me that he didn't break any road rules)....
I ate my chips amid the contractions. I rang the hospital. They asked how I was handling the pain, I said it was bearable... they told me to call again when then the pain got too much... I was like 'huh, I can handle the pain & your making me stay home?'. But it was ok. I rang them again at 9.15pm and they told me to come in!
Bubba Joe was born at 3.30am... I've forgotten all the pain, the angst, the worry, the pain, the stress, the pain.... It really is true that when they put bubba in your arms the very first time, you forget about the labour!
Ok, I'm tearing up already. I was crying on the weekend just thinking about him turning one.  Ok, too many tears, I have to walk away for a few seconds now.
Here is photo of bubba in the hospital, he's having his very first bath, he was 2 days old here.

And below is a photo of bubba taken just last Thursday.  He was 'helping' me unpack, he found his box of toys & was having fun throwing them on the floor then he found his water bottle in the box...and apparently, unpacking is thirsty work!

We'll be having a picnic in the Hobart Botanic Gardens on Saturday, just us 3 with another couple & their 10mth old baby.  Bubba loves trees, so we chose the gardens for that very reason.
Oh, the tears. I thought after having the baby the tears would ease up... but they haven't. Ugh.
Oh well!  


  1. Happy Birthday to your little man! It sure is emotional when baby turns one, boy how the time flys by!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bubba Joe! And don't worry Mama, it's because we love them so much that we get emotional, and that's not a bad thing. Enjoy celebrating your little mans bid day.

  3. Congratulations to his very first birthday! Every year will be special - enjoy it all & have fun! :)

  4. Every year is a new experience..wishing you both the best year ever this year!

  5. oh! too sweet! happy happy birthday to your little angel!

  6. Best wishes to the birthday boy! It's always handy to have someone to help with the unpacking...

    Best Christmas wishes


  7. Happy birthday little one! Congratulations on making it through a tumultuous and emotional year, mom!

  8. I don't think the tears ever go away!!! Happy belated birthday wee man.


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