03 December, 2011


Here's a current shot of how bubba's Xmas Stocking is growing.
It's a slow work in progress, but I have until Xmas Eve to finish it... 
The shape is starting to form, as you can see I'm still in the process of joining the 'foot' onto the 'leg' length.
If I have enough of the fabric, I'll do the same hexy's for the back. 
Any suggestions what colour to line the stocking with?


  1. Oh my!!! Look at all that hard work. Your stocking is super special. Just marvellous. Totally wonderful.

    Something that will be treasured for a very long time.

  2. Oh wow, this has grown heaps since the last time I checked in! I'd line it in green, or a green print fabric, myself :). My mum made my brother and I christmas stockings when we were quite young, and we still treasure them today- your little Joe is pretty lucky I think!


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