02 December, 2011


It's official, my husband & I (!!!) are now home owners!
Yes, first time home owners!
Woot Woot!
We looked at heaps & heaps of houses, he'd like one & I'd hate it & vice versa. I was starting to think that after 15yrs together we didn't have anything in common any more.
Then one day as we were leaving the supermarket, I looked across the road & said "there's a house for sale over there".  I looked it up online & we made a time to look at it the next day.
As soon as we walked into it we love it. The house felt like a home, our home.

The funny thing is that it isn't a house that we ever pictured ourselves in, but as my mum told me, "You'll know it as soon as you walk in"... I have to admit, I was beginning to doubt her advice!

Three months later (we asked for a long settlement due to our current rental lease) and I have the keys in my hand!  
Woot Woot!

Photos to come!!!


  1. Congrats. You'll have so much fun making it your own.

  2. WOOHOO!! Big Congratulations to you both!

  3. We moved house in April and it was one of those moments. We walked around the house carefully, came out again. DH always takes ages to make major decisions. He asked me what I thought. I said 'can we buy it NOW' and he went straight back and made the agent an offer. It just felt like home, and we have not regretted the decision for one second1 Good luck, really, and I hope it does turn out to be like that for you xxx

  4. Congrats and ENJOY!!!!!

  5. Congratulations. That's super exciting. I hope you make amazing memories there.

  6. I agree with your mum and I'm glad you've found the same. When we looked at buying our first house together I wanted to be nearer my mum and dad. It didn't work out, hubby talked me into looking into a different area and once we walked into our house we both knew. It was the right decision and no matter it's imperfections it is our house and I'd have no problem in living in it for life. I hope you as happy in your house as we are in ours!


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