17 November, 2014

18 years & a blanket

Would you believe that this year, my hubby & I celebrate 18yrs together!
Well, actually we didn't.
You see, apparently (according to him), it's no big deal.
Hmph, it didn't stop him from accepting his present though did it! 
What did I get?
 I waited patiently all day, in case he bought something home from work but nope, nothing. So the very next day, I jumped online & purchased some yarn for blanket that I've been wanting to make - a present to myself.
Each week I do a couple of more squares, there is no rush to this blanket.
Then came that day, that I had to sort them out to work out the layout/pattern of the squares for the blanket.
 It's a bit of squeeze to see them all in the one shot but above is the overall plan of the blanket.
 And um, apparently I made too many squares & have a three left over
- what the heck am I am going to do with three?? 
Anyway, I'll keep you updated with the progress.
If you want more details of the pattern or yarn, just click here.


  1. What a lovely blanket this will make! Make some more squares, so you'll have enough for one pillow?
    This year, we had our 13th anniversary and we BOTH forgot it :-)

    1. I'm thinking the three extra squares would make a lovely rectangular cushion thingy.
      Congrats on your 13 years, you are now in your teens!!

  2. My dear sweet friend we are in the same club! They are good men but need help! So every year a week before our Anniversary I tell him what I am buying myself from him! It has worked out well for me. Happy Anniversary!

    1. I think I'd rather make him feel guilty....then buy something for me by me! maybe or is that just mean?

  3. Happy anniversary sweet! 18 years is an amazing effort. I love your squares and yarn colour choices too. The greys make the colours pop! I can't wait to see it all put together. :) xxx Skip

    1. Thanks Skip! It's been 18yrs of tolerance & I still have to remember that we are two different people living together and he doesn't have to do things my way ...sometimes..maybe!

  4. Fab blanket, I love the colours. I can't wait to see it all finished.


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