10 November, 2014

Recipe: Easy Sausage rolls (with veg)

I make these sausage rolls all the time, they are easy to make - reading this recipe is actually harder than making them!  They are also egg free & dairy free, I originally started making them for a friend who has a son with allergies, discovered that I totally loved eating them & then added them to my 'regular' make & eat menu.

Sausage Rolls
You will need....
Flat bread, I use Mountain Bread
Sausages - any type, beef, chicken, pork etc
Grate vegies - I use carrot & zucchini

To start, lay a sausage on the flat bread,
then score the skin of the sausage & peel the skin off the sausage.
Spread the sausage over the lower half of the flat bread,
I find it is easiest spread out using clean wet fingers.
Top with the grated vegies.

Brush the remaining flat bread with water.

Roll it up.
Cut to length.
Place onto a tray & bake in a moderate oven for
approx. 10-15mins or until the meat is cooked.
  Voila, easiest ever sausage rolls.
Everyone in our family loves these, we eat them hot or cold.

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