22 November, 2014

Taking Stock

Taking a break & taking stock for November.
Making :  I've been trying to catch up on my blanket
Cooking :  just about to turn this bread dough into flat bread
Drinking :  water, trying to keep a headache away
Reading:  the manual for the camera
Wanting:  just a measly two hours to tidy up ...minus kidlets
Looking:  for a bracelet suggestion for my hubby to give me for Christmas (he did ask!)
Playing:  cars with bubba Joe & tigers ROARRRR with baby Laney
Deciding:  to keep that book or toss it? I'm trying to clear out the crap from my house.
Wishing:  I could write as fast as the words appear in my head...
Enjoying:  baby giggles
Waiting:  I ordered a book online, patiently (not) waiting for it to be delivered
Liking:  the rain
Wondering:  why they put so much 'crap' into food nowadays
Loving:  a tidy bedside table
Pondering:  why people are so rude & impatient
Considering:  should I do yoga, I mean, can fat people actually bend that far?!
Watching:  Underground Cities on the tv - have you seen it?

Hoping:  that I don't tread on anymore lego today
Marvelling:  at the wonders of fabric softener .. it smells so nice!
Needing:  someone to help me straighten up life
Smelling:  the roses in the garden - corny I know but I am totally enjoying having my own garden
Wearing: jeans with handknitted stripey socks
Following: Cut out the Crap on Facebook
Noticing: that when I make an effort to the clean, I actually enjoy the results
Knowing: I have a secret
Thinking: is a child's sense of humour developed or inherited?
Admiring: stripes on stripes
Sorting: my desk in order to reply to my penpals
Buying: cacao instead of cocoa and yes, it is worth it
Getting: to here & there by walking.
Bookmarking: ABC4Kids website
Disliking: idiots driving stupidly in the rain where I'm trying to walk my children
Opening: yet another box the Coles Choc Chip Cookies!
Giggling: at Laney in the bath
Feeling: a little sluggish, maybe I should stop having peanut butter sandwiches for lunch & have a smoothie instead
Snacking: hmm, actually I don't think I snack
Coveting: I wish that there was this stall at my local market
Wishing: for one complete stress-free week, will this ever happen?
Helping: bubba Joe build a car from cardboard boxes
Hearing: what almost sounds like a Cyberman but is in fact my Joe in the early morning walking in his sleeping bag

joining in with Pip

So, how are you, what are you doing?