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Here are some of things that I've made & done... you can make them too, just click on the image to take you to the instructions.
The Easiest Skirt to Sew

Do this now whilst you think about it....


  1. [1]search box might help visitors find what they're looking for; [2]categorizing the blogs by content would help;[3] possibly
    listing articles, projects, tutorials, images, tips, and links, by categories, so to avoid spending [995 x 1-5 minutes]in visiting each blog,searching 995 times[!]- would increase traffic, readership, and subscriptions....Right now, its just too time consuming to use this ste's blogs.

    1. Well hello Anon, trying to make me feel bad today eh? Well, sorry it didn't work. So here's the answers to your un-helpful feedback.
      1) there is a search box on this site, it's on the left hand sidebar but you'd have to actually open your eyes to see it.
      2) the category of the blogs are craft blogs (assuming you are talking about the blog directory). Most blogs give a hint of what they are about in the name of the blog ie Nan's Knitting or Tessa's Toys. If I was to put a category for each type of craft then it would be a very long list and what about those blogs that are multiple craft like mine, what category would I put myself into?? But hey, it's about looking & discovering blogs and if you are too lazy to look then well, don't.
      3) I don't know what the heck you are talking about here as I think you are just nit-picking. There is a short list on the How To's, there is a Labels list on the side bar if you are searching for something specific. And right now, it's "just too time consuming to" bother to keep replying to your crappy comment.
      You can here to make trouble, well you failed. If you think that by leaving an 'Anonymous' comment actually makes you anonymous, then you're wrong as I know who you are. Stop being lame, get a life and craft some fun into it.

    2. Haha! I think anonymous might be a robot. But if you are not, anonymous, then allow me to say that you need a day job. Or a vibrator. Or both.
      Oh look, I'm anonymous too! Spooky!


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